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When making a video, please respect the copyrights of other artists, and never use photos, video clips or music without proper permission.


Are book videos Book Trailers?

Most people are familiar with the term movie trailer; those video shorts which serve as teasers to entice you to watch the entire movie.

These days, people are also familiar with the term Book Trailer, which is similar to a movie trailer, yet the intent is to get you to read a book.

Some people are using the term Book Trailer generically, which is incorrect, because the term is trademarked. Think of it this way, if I say hand me a Kleenex as opposed to hand me a tissue – I am using a brand name. If I decided to go into the business of making tissues, I could not market my product as Kleenex – that name is already taken. The same is true for Book Trailer.

You’ll find links to book videos on the Book Video Directory. Some of those videos may be Book Trailers, yet only if they were produced by the holder of the Book Trailer trademark. Please keep that in mind when promoting your book video.  For more about Book Trailer and Trademark.

Disclaimer: Owners of this website assume no responsibility for the content of the book videos. We urge creators of the book videos to respect the copyrights and trademarks of other artists, and never use music, video or photographs without the proper permission from the artist.